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Getting rich is everyone’s need, You are cherishing a business opportunity for yourself so what are you waiting for, start right away with your idea by opening a Company / business to fulfill your dream. . First of all, if you want your company to run steadily, you need a business license, and use the company establishment service right away. – Hotline / Zalo: 076 338 7788 for free consultation.

Thành lập công ty
Thành lập công ty
You want to establish a company / business but do not know the procedure and time pressure? Do not worry, we are ready to help you set up a company in a dedicated and affordable way through the sharing below (if you want to do it quickly during the day)
Step 1: Prepare an application for an Enterprise Registration Certificate, including:
To use the service of establishing a company, firstly, customers need to prepare: a copy of the Citizen Card, Identity Card, Legal Passport and information of the legal representative. members, shareholders
An application for enterprise registration must contain the following information:
+ Type name under the Enterprise Law 2014 includes one of the following categories: Private enterprise; Partnerships; Limited liability company; Joint Stock Company
+ Business name does not violate prohibition
+ Select suitable industries to register activities that are not on the list of prohibited industries
+ Have a transaction office
+ Must have charter capital to ensure production, service supply and debts
+ Tax registration information
+ Number of employees
– List of members for partnerships and limited liability companies
Company Charter for Limited Liability Company and Joint Stock Company
Step 2: Order and procedures for enterprise registration
After completing the dossier, the enterprise sends it to the Business Registration Office where it is located within 03 days to issue the Certificate of Business registration.
Step 3: Engrave the company seal
– Enterprises have the right to choose:
+ Appearance: It is possible to choose the shape, structure and color of the seal
+ Quantity: Unlimited of seal according to the company’s charter and regulations
+ The content of the seal is self-determined but requires the Enterprise Name and Code – The marking takes from 01 to 2 days
Step 4: Announce the company’s seal sample
After having the seal, the enterprise prepares a seal sample notice to submit to the Business Registration Office where the enterprise is located to post the seal sample notice on the National Business Registration Portal. with execution time in 03 working days
Step 5: Publish business registration information
After obtaining an enterprise registration certificate, an enterprise must make a public announcement on the National Business Registration Portal according to the contents of the Enterprise Registration Certificate attached to the line of business. Founders and shareholders are foreign investors of a joint stock company within 30 days
So we already have a company that works, everything will be very fast and efficient if you prepare enough papers, documents and everything will help you hotline / Zalo: 076 338 7788.
thành lập công ty trong ngày
thành lập công ty trong ngày
After having a Certificate of Business Registration, we help you take the next steps for your Company / business to operate in accordance with the corporate law without being prompted by the regulators.
Step 1: Buy a digital signature
– Enterprises that already have a business registration certificate should buy digital signatures to make tax declaration and related transactions.
– Digital signature is an electronic transaction method equivalent to hand signature and seal
Step 2: Tax registration
Tax registration is the last step for the company to do business. Enterprises need to prepare dossiers and carry out tax registration procedures.
Tax registration records
– Tax registration declaration;
– Copy of business registration certificate or license of establishment and operation or investment certificate.
Order and procedures for tax registration:
Pay at the tax authority where the business is located
– Tax registration certificate is issued within 10 working days
1. Law on Enterprises 2014
2. Law on Tax Administration 2006
3. Decree No. 106/2011 / ND-CP of the Government amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Government’s Decree No. 26/2007 / ND-CP dated February 15, 2007 detailing the implementation of the Law. Electronic transactions on digital signatures and digital signature authentication services.
Here we have completed all the steps for a company / business to come into operation, when you choose the service of, you can rest assured because you do not have to travel, wait, our staff will do everything for you, if you still have any questions please contact us – Hotline / Zalo: 076 338 7788 for free consultation.
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