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Reputable company establishment service with fastest business license issuance time. A free company start-up guide. More than ever, the Covid-19 translation is affecting more or less almost all Vietnamese enterprises, the Covid-19 translation has even made the number of bankrupt and dissolved enterprises sharply increasing; Many businesses have chosen to hibernate or listen to the situation, operate in moderation. Some new business lines are still newly established, typically services related to sales, beverage services, and foodstuffs sold online.

If you wish to establish a new one, please contact at Hotnile / Zalo: 076 338 7788 for a free consultation, reasonable price.

Dịch vụ thành lập công ty 100% vốn đầu tư nước ngoài uy tín tại
Dịch vụ thành lập công ty 100% vốn đầu tư nước ngoài uy tín tại

Facing difficulties caused by the Covid-19 translation service Company establishment understands the difficulties of the company / enterprise when it is first established often encounter initial difficulties such as

1. The address of the company’s office
2. Accounting companies / businesses
3. Company introduction website or product introduction website
4. How do customers know the Company / business and the industry they do business, you can rest assured that will support customers to seo website so that customers can know the Company / business, industry they do business.

Those are the difficulties of a company / business when it was first established, now you will be completely assured of these difficulties. In order to help and share difficulties for start-up companies / businesses facing many difficulties in finance, human resources, office space, accounting work, tax reporting, tax payment, more importantly introduce the Company / business and its business lines and products to customers.
To share and support you in the early days of Company / Enterprise establishment will comprehensively support the above difficulties with you with the highest potential for all your success.
According to the press release On the socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2020. The economic situation of gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated to increase by 3.82% over the same period last year, in the context of the economic world. growth is slowing down, some major economies in the US, China, the European Union (EU), and Japan have suffered a decline in growth due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the double impact of crude oil prices. sometimes it drops below 20 USD / barrel and some other reasons such as the US-China trade war has not ended, the US-Iran geopolitical tension.
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries are also facing difficulties:
Agriculture has just affected the African swine fever, the good news of the agricultural sector this year is that farmers have higher seasons and higher paddy prices every year.
Fisheries are being affected by droughts and saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta, especially Covid-19 epidemic is happening complicatedly, affecting the production and export of agricultural products in general.
Especially in the first quarter of 2020, the business sector faced many difficulties due to the strong influence from the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of enterprises temporarily suspending their business for a period reached 18.6 thousand, up 26% compared to the previous year. with the same period last year. According to survey results of business trends, most businesses believe that Covid-19 translation will be controlled early and ended for the business to recover, operate again, production situation in the second quarter and months. the rest of 2020 will grow again.
New enterprise registration situation; In the first quarter of 2020, the whole country had 29.7 thousand companies / enterprises registered for new establishment with a total registered capital of 351.4 trillion dong, the number of registered employees was 243.7 thousand employees. Increase 4.4% in the number of businesses, down 6.4% in registered capital, down 23.3% in the number of employees over the same period last year.
A very positive news for the global economic situation in general and Vietnam in particular is that the agreement between the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its ally, or OPEC +, has come to an end. by agreement to cut about 10% of exploitation output, the most important thing is to control the Covid-19 translation in order for the economy to operate and accelerate in the remaining months of 2020.
Establishing a company is an important procedure that marks a milestone in your career development. Unlike other simple administrative procedures, establishing a business requires careful understanding of all the procedures before proceeding. With more than 15 years of experience in consulting and supporting more than 10,000 businesses and companies in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. offers a full-service company establishment service with a commitment to QUICK – SECURITY – ACCURACY. Hotline / Zalo: 076 338 7788.
Dịch vụ thành lập công ty có vốn đầu tư nước ngoài nhanh chóng
Dịch vụ thành lập công ty có vốn đầu tư nước ngoài nhanh chóng
What do you need to prepare to establish a company?
Firstly, provide the company’s address. VN Law team will directly check the permit of this address.
The second is the company name. The experts at Law VN will also verify that the name of the company is valid or not.
Third, determine the company’s expected business lines. For example, enterprises, furniture companies, real estate, cosmetics, … Vietnamese law team will compose and update detailed industry codes in accordance with the law.
Fourth, businesses need to determine the amount of capital. If the company is built on the contributions of many shareholders, let Law VN know the capital amount of each shareholder.
Fifthly prepare a notarized copy of the citizen’s identity card (identity card). Or can use notarized copies of passports with valid validity of all capital contributors. If the business has not been notarized in time, Luat VN will provide free support.
All the next matters related to administrative procedures, legal services for company establishment in Law VN will handle all for you.
Time to deploy and conduct business establishment
04 days is the time of company establishment. In which: Law of Vietnam will spend 01 day to draft inert documents, submit to customers to sign documents, send staff to submit dossiers of company establishment at the Planning and Investment Department.
The remaining 3 days is the time to wait for the Department of Planning and Investment to review and check the records of the enterprise and issue the business license.
If you want to look up the stamp sample, go to the page: http: // dangkykinhdoanh.
Business establishment process in
Step 1:Prepare an application for an Enterprise Registration Certificate, including:
To use the service of establishing a company, firstly, customers need to prepare: a copy of the Citizen Card, Identity Card, Legal Passport and information of the legal representative. members, shareholders
An application for enterprise registration must contain the following information:
+ Type name under the Enterprise Law 2014 includes one of the following categories: Private enterprise; Partnerships; Limited liability company; Joint Stock Company
+ Business name does not violate prohibition
+ Select suitable occupations to register activities that are not on the list of prohibited industries
+ Have a transaction office
+ Must have charter capital to ensure production, service supply and debts
+ Tax registration information
+ Number of employees
– List of members for partnerships and limited liability companies
Company Charter for Limited Liability Company and Joint Stock Company
Step 2:Order and procedures for enterprise registration
After completing the dossier, the enterprise sends it to the Business Registration Office where it is located within 03 days to issue the Business Registration Certificate.
Step 3: Engrave the company seal
– Enterprises have the right to choose:
+ Appearance: It is possible to choose the shape, structure and color of the seal
+ Quantity: Unlimited seal according to the company’s charter and regulations
+ The content of the seal is self-determined but requires the Enterprise Name and Code – The marking takes from 01 to 2 days
Step 4: Announce the company’s seal sample
After having the seal, the enterprise prepares the seal sample notice to submit to the Business Registration Office where it is located to post the seal sample notice on the National Business Registration Portal. with execution time in 03 working days
Step 5: Publish business registration information
After obtaining an enterprise registration certificate, an enterprise must make a public announcement on the National Business Registration Portal according to the contents of the Enterprise Registration Certificate attached to the line of business. Founders and shareholders are foreign investors of a joint stock company within 30 days.
Tư vấn thành lập văn phòng đại diện công ty nước ngoài tại Việt Nam
Tư vấn thành lập văn phòng đại diện công ty nước ngoài tại Việt Nam
Why should choose the company establishment service of Luat VN
In Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and neighboring provinces, it is not difficult to find a service provider to set up a business, set up a foreign language center, … the difference towards the prestige and quality of the service.
Company establishment services in Luat VN are directly consulted by all lawyers. We will advise on industry codes, charter capital or necessary and sufficient conditions to establish a business in accordance with the law. In particular, the license has a commitment to suit the business needs of each customer.
Time to receive, process records quickly, save time.
Punctually. After 04 days, there will be a business license and legal seal for the business and company.
Enthusiastic consultation, dedicated support for all post-establishment procedures. Law of puts the interests of customers first for development only for the company. Law over the years is confident of being a leader in the field of Law Establishment, licensing for businesses, business establishments, …
Company establishment service in Law of Vietnam is committed to bringing absolute satisfaction to all types of businesses. For more information, please contact us directly for advice. Hotline / Zalo: 076 338 7788
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