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Procedures for establishing a company clearly state the regulations, order and implementation steps that customers need to do when they intend to establish a business. In addition, also presents a number of other categories such as company establishment costs, records, service packages … for your reference.
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Table of contents

• What is Incorporation?
• Why should a company be established?
• Company Establishment Procedures like?
• Profile of company establishment, business establishment
• What are the steps to establish a company, set up a business?
• How long does it take to start a company / start a business?
• The certificate of business registration in Vietnam?
• Compare difficulties and advantages after starting a company, setting up a business
• Company establishment service – business establishment of
• The cost of establishing a company / business at
• A few things about the service costs to establish a company for customers to refer
• Why should you choose to provide company establishment service?
• Things to do after establishing a company / business establishment should be noted

Establishing a company or company establishment procedure is the concern of many individuals and organizations when planning to build their own property. This is an important turning point, marking a new milestone for each individual and organization. That is why when most people intend to set up a business, they will choose a reputable service provider like Or there are also individuals and organizations who want to save money for a difficult first time, so they have self-researched knowledge related to business registration., with more than 10 years of experience in providing the service of setting up a company, will give people useful knowledge content. Make sure that through the content we share, individuals and organizations not only know how to set up a business, but also choose a service that meets their needs.

What is Company Establishment?

Establishment of a company is an administrative procedure carried out at the department of investment planning, including the steps of (i) preparing the application for company establishment (ii) submitting the company establishment application (iii) receiving the certificate. registration business (iv) seal engraving, seal sample announcement and the company officially put into operation.

Company establishment procedures are being interested by many people, it is the first process when starting a business. Therefore, establishing a company is essential for business operations to be legal, recognized and protected by law, thereby creating trust with customers and partners.

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Why must a company be established?

The reason for the establishment of the company is because with the continuous development of the economy, many businesses are being established every day in Vietnam to pave the way for the start-up process. Have you ever wondered what is the reason for starting a company? Are there any risks in setting up a business? Or with the current business model, is it necessary to set up a company? To answer these questions, we will give a number of reasons to explain the question why a company must be established?
– Establishing a company will help our business to take place legally in accordance with the laws of Vietnam;

– The company will have legal status right after it is established. Therefore, it will be very easy to do business with partners, customers and before the law of Vietnam;
– Establishing a company will help us to expand the scale of our business, employ more employees, easily mobilize capital sources and thereby boost profits from business rather than small business forms
– Establishing a company will contribute to promoting the development of the economy through business activities, contributing to social benefits from paying taxes, creating jobs for workers … etc;
– When establishing an enterprise, the enterprise can enjoy preferential tax treatment, land use rights, etc., that enterprise operates in preferential business fields according to the provisions of Vietnamese law.

Company Establishment Procedures like?

Step 1: Determine the type of business to establish a company

The first company establishment procedure that every individual or organization needs to perform is to determine the type of company. This job plays a very important role and has a profound effect on the establishment and development of the business. Therefore, everyone should consider and define for themselves a suitable type.
According to the Law on Enterprises enacted 2014, there are 5 main types of companies:
Limited liability company (LLC)
This is one of the most popular types of companies in Vietnam today. Which is divided into two sub-categories:
– One member limited liability company
– Limited liability companies with two or more members
Joint stock company

This type of business is established by capital of many individuals / organizations. The contributed capital will be converted to shares and the contributor will be called a shareholder. A joint stock company is required to have a minimum number of shareholders of 3. Procedures for setting up a joint stock company are similar to other types of company, just different from some preparation documents.
Private enterprise
According to Article 183 of the Law on Enterprises 2014, a private enterprise is invested by an individual, self-owned and responsible for all activities of the enterprise. The downside of a private enterprise is that it has no legal status, cannot issue securities, cannot contribute capital or buy shares of a limited company, a joint stock company or a partnership.

In Vietnam, the type of partnership is rarely mentioned. This type of company must have at least 2 owners (general partners) doing business by the same name. After completing the establishment of a business, this type will have legal status. However, the disadvantage of this type is that it is not allowed to issue securities.
For each type of company, the owner is an individual or an organization with different rights and obligations. Therefore, customers should consider based on the company’s development orientation to choose the right type of business.

Step 2: Choosing the name of your company when setting up a company or establishing a business

People spend a lot of enthusiasm and effort when naming the company. Some people choose according to their preferences, some choose according to feng shui, others choose according to a certain metaphorical meaning. However, even if you choose to follow any intention, the required conditions are still required to comply with the law. Naming a company sounds simple, but this is a company establishment procedure that makes many individuals and organizations headache.

Note when naming the company:

Type of company
As mentioned above, the type of company will be Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, Partnership, Private Enterprise. Or customers can also use the abbreviation of the type such as: Company Limited (for a limited company), Joint Stock Company (for a Joint Stock Company) …
– First name
Customers can use their own name, numbers, symbols or any name combined from the Vietnamese alphabet to name the company (as long as there is no duplication).
Example: For the procedures to set up Hoan Cau Company Limited
This company name is satisfactory because it includes both a company type and a proper name. The type of company here is: CO., LTD. Also name is: Hoan Cau.

A company name will be rejected upon incorporation if:
– Being duplicated with registered companies
– Easy to confuse
– There are factors contrary to fine traditions and customs
– Using words of a violent nature, violating culture or history
– Use names of military forces, armed forces, police, state agencies (unless otherwise permitted)
Abbreviated company name and foreign name
In addition to the above factors, when performing the procedures for establishing a company in Vietnam, customers are also required to write the name of the foreign company and its abbreviation. However it is not required, so you can do it or not. In case, if customers do, it should be noted:
– Company name in foreign language
Normally in Vietnam, customers will fill in English. The foreign company name will be translated from the Vietnamese name. In translation, the company’s proper name can be left as is. When using a foreign name, the company needs to print or write on transaction papers, records, and issuance documents. Print size will be smaller than Vietnamese name.

– Abbreviated company name
Based on the main name in Vietnamese or a foreign language, customers will choose an abbreviated name for their business.

Step 3. Select the address of the head office when establishing the company

As stipulated in Article 43 of the Law on Enterprises, the head office is the place of contact of the company. Head office information must clearly identify the village / hamlet / house number, street / street, ward / commune, district, province / city.
The head office of the customer in the company establishment procedure must have the legal use right. That means, the customer will have to be the owner of the registered location. Or in case the head office is a place to rent, borrow …, it is necessary to have a contract in accordance with the law.
Another issue related to the head office when doing procedures to open a company that often receives is the apartment issue. As a rule, the apartments used for living will not be allowed to be corporate headquarters. Except for the case of the ground floor, each one, the second floor … the apartment building is determined by the investor to have a business function.

Step 4: Choosing Charter Capital when establishing a company or establishing a business

Before introducing the charter capital, would have to tell customers about the business lines. But because before you intend to do business establishment procedures, it is 100% certain.

individuals and organizations have clearly identified this issue. Just check and readjust according to the specified business line code. So really, we won’t need to address this anymore.
Returning to the main issue in this section is charter capital. Everyone can simply understand charter capital is the amount that owners, members, shareholders contribute to the establishment of the company, or commit to contribute to the time specified in the Charter. Charter capital is considered the basis to clearly define rights and obligations between members, shareholders contributing capital. Of course, for companies like limited liability, private enterprises, owners will have to contribute 100% of the charter capital.
Charter capital is also the factor affecting the license tax that the company will have to pay with state agencies. Therefore, customers should not indiscriminately choose some charter capital. Instead, it is advisable to consult people who go ahead or receive advice from a law firm to choose the appropriate amount of charter capital.

Step 5: Decide the legal representative when establishing the company

In the business registration procedure, customers will need to declare the legal representative as Director / General Director or Chairman of the Board of Members / Board of Directors. Regulations on legal representatives are specified in Articles 13, 14, 15 and 16 of the Law on Enterprises. Whereby:
– The legal representative must reside in Vietnam. In case the company has only one representative but has to exit Vietnam, it will have to authorize in writing another person.
– Representative has rights and obligations in corporate transactions. Also represent the company before the law.
– There may be more than one legal representative for the limited company and the joint stock company
In addition, in some other cases, the legal representative will need special accommodations.
Company establishment profile, business establishment
Company establishment procedures are indispensable for document preparation. For each type of company, customers will have to prepare a separate profile. Therefore, before preparing documents to establish a limited company or a joint stock company, etc., please remember to clearly define the type of business.

Profile established a limited liability company

– 1 Enterprise establishment application form provides sufficient information according to the prescribed form
– 1 Company charter ( will assist if customers are not sure about this issue)
– 1 List of members (Specify Full name; Sex; Date of birth; Ethnicity; Nationality; ID card or Passport; Place of permanent residence registration; Current address; Capital contribution; Position in company (if any))
– If the member is an individual, he / she will have to photo ID card / ID card or passport (1 copy)
– If the member is an organization, you will have to make a photo of the business registration form or equivalent document (1 copy).

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Thành lập công ty thi công xây dựng

Profile of a joint stock company

– 1 Application for establishment of a joint stock company to provide sufficient information in the prescribed form
– 1 Company charter ( will assist if customers are not sure about this issue)
– 1 List of founding shareholders (Full name; Gender; Date of birth; Ethnicity; Nationality; ID card or Passport; Place of permanent residence registration; Current address; Capital contribution; Position cases in the company (if any))
– If the shareholder is an individual, he / she will have to photo ID card or passport (1 copy)
– If the shareholder is an organization, he / she will have to copy the business registration paper or equivalent document (1 copy).
– If you are a foreign investor, you will have to copy the certificate of investment registration
With the completion of the above documents, the procedure for establishing a company of customers has been half successful.

Profile established partnerships

– 1 Application form for company establishment to provide sufficient information in the prescribed form
– 1 Company charter ( will prepare for you)
– 1 List of members (Specify Full name; Sex; Date of birth; Ethnicity; Nationality; ID card or Passport; Place of permanent residence registration; Current address; Capital contribution; Position in company (if any))
– 1 Copy of the member’s passport or ID card
Profile established a private business
– 1 Application form for company establishment to provide sufficient information in the prescribed form
– 1 Copy of the ID card or passport of the owner of the private enterprise
In the process of setting up a company next, customers need to scan the documents sent to the business registration. Then wait for the response from the Department of Planning and Investment.

What are the steps to establish a company, set up a business?
The steps to establish a company, establish a business will be carried out by, detailed through the following steps:

Step 1: Receive the request for company establishment service

Customers interested in the service of establishing a company of can phone directly to the Hotline number; 0763387788 or make friends with Zalo; 0763387788 to receive advice, in addition you can visit the company’s offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.
Step 2: Consulting steps to establish a company in accordance with customer requirements
In this step, customers will be advised on how to choose the type of business, charter capital, industry, legal representative, shareholder / member, headquarters, profit distribution … related to company formation and development. In addition, customers will also have their own questions and questions on the establishment of an unknown business that can be discussed with our lawyers.

Step 3: Customers authorize to carry out the procedures for company establishment

In order for to represent customers to carry out procedures related to the establishment of business, customers will have to authorize us. Then, on behalf of the client, we will prepare documents, submit documents, process records as required by the Department of Planning and Investment and receive the results. As follows:
– Prepare documents to carry out the procedures for establishing the Company:
We will send the client the request for information for the establishment of the company, the client’s job is to complete the required content in the request for information provision and send it back to us to the expert. Profile drafting company. In addition, members / fans need to prepare an authenticated copy of their ID card / passport / ID card that is still valid or customers can send us the original or scanned paper copy. Above, we will give the customer a free certificate.
– Drafting enterprise establishment documents:
After receiving full information from the customer, we will prepare a business establishment profile and send it to the customer for reference via email or directly.
In case the customer does not have any corrections or related questions, we will print the file and instruct the customer to sign the profile.

– Apply at the registry to apply for the business establishment certificate
Profile will be submitted by our expert to the registry, the profile will be tracked by us and will promptly correct or supplement the content of the profile as required by the specialist (if any).
– Receive the result, engrave the seal and announce the seal sample, announce the company establishment on the national portal
After receiving the business registration certificate, we will carry out the procedures for marking the circle, announcing the seal sample, announcing the business establishment information on the national portal.

Step 4: Hand over the results of the company establishment, original records to customers

When completing the company establishment procedures, will hand over the results and records to customers. At the same time, proceed to submit tax returns on behalf of customers (in case the customer requires). In addition, issues related to printing invoices, opening a bank account, submitting declarations … will be fully supported.
How long does it take to start a company / start a business?
Time to establish a company will be divided into each stage of work and based on the fast or slow business establishment service package decided by the customer. Typically, the time for company establishment is calculated as follows:

– Document preparation time: 01 working day
– Time to submit the application to the registry: 01 working day after receiving the application from the customer.
– The time to apply for the enterprise registration certificate: 03 working days from the date the application is properly submitted and accepted;
– Time to engrave the company seal and publish the seal sample on the portal: 01 working day
– Time for enterprise establishment announcement on national portal: 01 working day
As such, the total time it takes to set up a business is on average 05-07 working days
Certificate of business registration in Vietnam?
Under the provisions of the Law on Enterprises and the provisions of Article 13 of Decree 78/2015 / ND-CP stipulates that: The agencies competent to grant certificates of business registration in Vietnam include:
– At the provincial level: The Business Registration Office is under the Department of Planning and Investment (hereinafter referred to as the Business Registration Office).

The Business Registration Office may organize the receiving and returning points of the Business Registration Office at different locations in the province.

In Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, one or two additional Business Registration Offices may be set up and numbered in order. The establishment of a new business registration office is decided by the City People’s Committee after consulting with the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

– At the district level: The Finance – Planning Division under the district People’s Committee performs the task of business household registration specified in Article 15 of Decree No. 78/2015 / ND-CP
Compare difficulties and advantages after starting a company, setting up a business
As we all know, when setting up a business to operate a business means we will enter an opening stage in the startup process, besides the advantages, it will be inevitable. will encounter.
With more than 10 years of business consulting experience, establishing a 1000+ enterprise company in Vietnam, we realize the following advantages and disadvantages:

– Advantages of company establishment / business establishment:

+ Helping to do business legally in Vietnam;
+ Fulfill the dream of starting a business and assert yourself in the market;
+ Create jobs for employees;

+ There are opportunities to increase income for individuals (members / shareholders contributing capital in the company);
+ Contribution to the general development of the economy
Difficulty in establishing a business / establishing a company
Lack of management experience, lack of capital for business operations;
+ The source of jobs is not much, leading to the shortage of inputs;
+ Difficulty in managing company operations or conflicts between members / shareholders in the process of planning business strategies;
+ Income from business activities is not much, leading to high risk of loss;
Company establishment service – enterprise establishment of
Basically, the establishment of a company is relatively simple, anyone can go through the procedures for setting up a company. However, making a company plan suitable to the needs of shareholders / capital contributors to ensure legal safety, avoid all legal risks in business activities. Ask a consulting firm to have extensive experience with a team of in-depth and knowledgeable consultants.

Currently on the advertising media, there are many companies providing the service of establishing Cheap and Super Cheap companies. However, we recommend that customers ask clearly the content of the work, the time to do the job before deciding to use the service.
The company DOESN’T CHOOSE THE SERVICE PACKAGE PLAN FOR LOW PRICE to compete with other companies in the same field. We focus mainly on service quality, work efficiency to be able to bring maximum benefits to customers when trusting and using our consulting services. Our business incorporation services will be:
– Consulting the entire process and procedures of establishing a company for customers from A-Z
– Drafting company establishment documents according to customer information provided;
– Submit the application at the registry and receive the results sent to the customer;
– Engrave the seal, publish the seal sample, publish information on enterprise establishment on the national portal;
– Directly consult and hand over results to customers at the requested customer address (HN, HCM)
– Customers do not have to travel even once in the process of establishing a business;
– Customers can use some free services after the company is established at

Company / enterprise establishment expenses at

Is there a quality low-cost company establishment service? This is a question that all customers are interested in when having the need to establish a company. Of course, if we play the role of a customer, we ourselves also want to find a service “delicious – nutritious – cheap”. But in fact, a service wants “delicious”, wants “tonic”, certainly does not mean “cheap”. Therefore, in order to bring a perfect quality service to customers, has proposed the most reasonable company establishment cost.
The cost of establishing a company of has 3 prices: 1,400,000 – 1,900,000 and 3,500,000. Each price will have different completion times and offers.
Especially has a team of marketing and SEO on network platforms such as Google, Facebook, Zalo …
If you are unsure of how to do marketing but want to bring your product or service to customers, you will contact with Hotline / Zalo phone number; 0763387788 for free consultation and detailed instructions cahcs completely free.
With the motto of customer success is our success, is ready to share our experiences in marketing and website seo.

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