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Vietnam is now a destination for foreign investors with an open business environment and many preferential regimes, with strong commitments from the Government to improve the investment environment and attract capital. .
According to statistics in 2019, FDI inflows into Vietnam were 38 billion USD, up by 7.2%, what many domestic investors are concerned about is which business sector is the trend of investors.
There are many people asking that how do foreign investors come to Vietnam, what do they invest?
In fact, more and more foreign investors coming to Vietnam, apart from large corporations investing in large strategic fields, what does a part of small investors come to Vietnam do?
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Thành lập trung tâm ngoại ngữ
Thành lập trung tâm ngoại ngữ
1. Set up a foreign language center:
Currently, newly established foreign language centers are mainly linked or indirectly invested by foreign investors, this is a potential and strongly developing market. Vietnam with a large population rejuvenating the trend of deep integration with all countries around the world is a target for foreign investors. out some of the following forms
After completing or studying abroad, international students, students, introduce to associate with foreign investors to open a foreign language center in Vietnam.
Some large organizations have brands associated with the Foreign Language Center in Vietnam.
Advantages of opening a small capital foreign language center with quick capital recovery and high language training.
Giấy phép ATVSTP nhà hàng
Giấy phép ATVSTP nhà hàng
2. Open a restaurant.
The general trend of the expat community when investing in overseas markets often gives priority to using services of their own country, which is also a form of support and sharing for mutual development.
Looking at the number of investment capital in Vietnam so far, we can see that Korea, Japan, Singapore … in recent years, investment capital from China and Hong Kong also increased.
It is understandable that more and more Korean, Chinese and Hong Kong restaurants are appearing, this is also an investment trend of many young people after studying abroad from other countries with capital. stable foreign language and moderate capital.
Điều kiện mở trung tâm tư vấn du học
Điều kiện mở trung tâm tư vấn du học
3. Establishment of an Overseas Study Advisory Center.
Establishing an overseas study counseling center can be said to be rated as the hottest today because of its simplicity, efficiency, long-term potential.
According to unofficial statistics, Vietnam goes abroad to work for more than 100,000 people in one year, so opening a Study Abroad Consultation Center is an option for all international students. completing and currently studying abroad to associate with indigenous peoples to advise on sending people to study abroad and labor export.
gioi thieu san pham
4. Open a product promotion office.
With their agility, many international students and students are also very successful in introducing products of Vietnam to foreign markets and vice versa to introduce products of other countries in the Vietnamese market.
With a large number of international students, students who go abroad to work abroad today, products of many countries have appeared in the Vietnamese market and vice versa, products, agricultural products and goods of Vietnam. Men are also being exported and introduced abroad.
The association with foreigners to open a product introduction promotion office is also a trend and is very interested by young people established and interested.
Thành lập công ty cổ phần xây dựng
Thành lập công ty cổ phần xây dựng
5. Establish construction company
With the speed of urbanization and development of Vietnam as at present, many large construction corporations have been present in Vietnam, typically the large construction corporations of Korea, Japan, China … With the advantages of human resources in place, reasonable price. Establishing a company or representative office in Vietnam is also the destination of many investors. In Vietnam today, there are many construction fields that foreign investors are interested in such as;
– Traffic works, overhead power trains, upgrading and renovating the North-South highway … in addition, there are projects of high-rise buildings, high-end apartments invested by big investors.
VN - Idex
VN – Idex
6. Invest in the stock market.
Currently, the scale of Vietnam’s stock market is still small and recently it is considered an attractive field for foreign investors to invest.
With the development of the economy, especially the peak stability of Vietnam in all aspects, Vietnam is considered by foreign investors to be a stable and profitable investment environment. Vietnam’s stock market with the participation of many large corporations and companies are listed on the Vietnam Stock Exchange.
If you are interested in the investment field, this is an investment channel that is promised to be evaluated as profitable and worth investing in. With the strict management from the Government and the State Securities Commission, which are bringing confidence to domestic and foreign investors, the stock market is expected to boom in a short time, if you are An investor, this is an opportunity to invest in buying stocks at reasonable prices to profit in the future.
Bất động sản
Bất động sản
7. Real estate investment
Currently, with the rapid urbanization and rapid urbanization of the real estate sector is also an option for many foreign investors and overseas Vietnamese.
At present, housing and real estate procedures have been more open, investors can own houses and land in their own names.
Vietnam is the destination of many corporations, multinational companies, and large corporations coming to invest and work in Vietnam, so the investor’s investment in the field of Real Estate is also an investment channel. safe and effective.
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